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A thing I only wish, I could do. A must read.


When I Turned 30, I Jumped Out of a Plane.


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I am not sure if I am suppose to miss you,

You are nothing to me…

Mere reflection of my ability to sin.

But I miss you nonetheless.

I know you are not the symbol of love I was seeking…

But who am I to complain…

I feel no more that purity I used to be.

 My thoughts are coarse…

Daunted by your wicked gaze.

I feel damned,

Will I ever escape this crazy chase??

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There was a seed I wanted to sow,

Just to get the pleasure of watching it grow…

But you know me, how I am…

I kept it somewhere and forgot it all,

Other things came by and this idea stalled.

Years went by and I never thought of it again…

But hidden somewhere that seed remained.

Today when I stumbled across the forgotten path…

I found out that dream did last.

Standing in front of me was the tree so big and green,

And it just struck me…

How lonely it must have been.

‘Neglected’ and ‘forgotten’…

It still did survive.

Tears came rolling, when I felt it smile.

So I learned…

Love does live through all the pain,

It’s upon us to find it again.

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You think you know me, eh?


It isn’t my fault…. I was tagged by a Flying elephant to write this down…. Yeh, now you will say I am still not sober….

  1. I have bunked my classes just once in my student life that was when I was in IIIrd std.


    Know me lil more

  2. I once forged my teacher’s signature and made him believe that he only signed it. (I was in VIth  std.
  3. My worst nightmare as a kid was that my brother (elder) is a vampire.
  4. As a kid I wanted to be the first female president of India. (Too late now L)
  5. I started my career with a summer job at a Bharat petroleum fuel station.(yes I filled the tanks)
  6. I fell in love with a guy on a traffic light whom I never saw again.
  7. I find the idea of being in love more romantic than actually being in love.
  8. I made a long trip alone to some place far away from my home without letting anyone know about it.
  9. I once had 8 shots of Smirnoff Vodka and still went 3 floors down on my feet to catch a cab. (puked all night though)  
  10. I love to be hugged.
  11. I am a good story teller.
  12. I have a teddy named Mr. Bear that travels with me where ever I go.
  13.  I do not like social networking sites anymore.
  14.  I love to write with a black gel pen on a paper towel or a tissue paper.
  15.  I like hitchhiking.
  16.  I am crazy about collecting earrings.
  17.  I am addicted to Sony Ericsson cell phones.
  18.  I love to be clicked.
  19.  I do not like milk.
  20.  I love collecting quotes.
  21.  My favorite drink is the one with low calorie, no sweeteners, no preservatives absolutely pure mineral water.
  22.  I have at least 7 different names given by my family & friends and they prefer to address me by the name given by them only.
  23. I once made a friend by offering a hug to a girl who I saw crying in the washroom of my work place and she till date is dearest friend of mine.
  24. I have a wallpaper of a red Chevrolet corvette on my office system, mobile and laptop.
  25. I thought I know myself quite well till I sat down to write this list.

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