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You think you know me, eh?


It isn’t my fault…. I was tagged by a Flying elephant to write this down…. Yeh, now you will say I am still not sober….

  1. I have bunked my classes just once in my student life that was when I was in IIIrd std.


    Know me lil more

  2. I once forged my teacher’s signature and made him believe that he only signed it. (I was in VIth  std.
  3. My worst nightmare as a kid was that my brother (elder) is a vampire.
  4. As a kid I wanted to be the first female president of India. (Too late now L)
  5. I started my career with a summer job at a Bharat petroleum fuel station.(yes I filled the tanks)
  6. I fell in love with a guy on a traffic light whom I never saw again.
  7. I find the idea of being in love more romantic than actually being in love.
  8. I made a long trip alone to some place far away from my home without letting anyone know about it.
  9. I once had 8 shots of Smirnoff Vodka and still went 3 floors down on my feet to catch a cab. (puked all night though)  
  10. I love to be hugged.
  11. I am a good story teller.
  12. I have a teddy named Mr. Bear that travels with me where ever I go.
  13.  I do not like social networking sites anymore.
  14.  I love to write with a black gel pen on a paper towel or a tissue paper.
  15.  I like hitchhiking.
  16.  I am crazy about collecting earrings.
  17.  I am addicted to Sony Ericsson cell phones.
  18.  I love to be clicked.
  19.  I do not like milk.
  20.  I love collecting quotes.
  21.  My favorite drink is the one with low calorie, no sweeteners, no preservatives absolutely pure mineral water.
  22.  I have at least 7 different names given by my family & friends and they prefer to address me by the name given by them only.
  23. I once made a friend by offering a hug to a girl who I saw crying in the washroom of my work place and she till date is dearest friend of mine.
  24. I have a wallpaper of a red Chevrolet corvette on my office system, mobile and laptop.
  25. I thought I know myself quite well till I sat down to write this list.

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