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In pursuit of happiness

One lovely summer morning I stepped out of my house, hoping for the same day I live through every day. I reached my usual spot, where I catch my auto from, that will take me to another place to move on.  I looked up in the sky, something made me smile, and I decided to take a walk, Just to see if I can find something else to feel the happiness I just did. As I started my journey, a wonderful song on FM started to play. With every step I took, I slowed down just a bit. Feeling like a thirsty soul I was looking for more. The pale leaves I was walking on, listening to the wonderful song. I saw a poor man playing with a stray dog, They both were so happy running back and forth, I never felt that pull in my heart before And with a thirst in my heart I wanted more hence I moved on. As I walked a little more, I saw a child on the road, shouting more loudly she could afford. I looked around to see what was she doing and I saw bunch of more kids on the other side, Laughing and shouting, they had invented a new game and I could see the obvious pride. I was walking again, without caring about the calls I had just missed on the phone. I was so happy, never felt so alive. My pursuit of happiness had left me with a smile.



In pursuit of happiness

Road as seen from charminar hyderabad






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